Let Us Communicate Pvt Ltd

Let Us Communicate Pvt. Ltd. is a group of people who had realized the dream of India shining long before it appeared as a reality.

Now the new facets of India clearly determine India as one of the fastestquestion growing markets and world's office, with most of the countries preferring India for out sourcing and manufacturing, one of the biggest strengths of ours lies in the skilled working force we have with ability to work in English.

From picking up a phone to sitting down to writing a letter; from attending a party to addressing a seminar; from taking part in a group discussion to facing an interview…the way we speak and write – what we say and how we say it – determines what others think of us. It not only reflects our personality but also helps us to build relationships; moreover, it influences exam results and guides us to shape our careers.

With a vision, that English language & communication skills would be the watchword of the present era, the foundation of a language Institute was laid by Mr. Zaki Noorani in name of Let Us Communicate Pvt. Ltd.

Today this organization not only boasts of being among the pioneers of the English language courses but also has helped many students gain command over the language, and playing a pivotal role in the establishment of various Institutions.

This is an organization where the fusion of teaching excellence and the latestquestion techniques make English learning language such a fun that the aspirants to their surprise find this course more refreshing than anything else and as a result we have emerged as preferred service provider not only to students and professionals but also to corporate houses.

We shall not profess that the course will turn you overnight into a famous speaker or a best- selling novelist! What we wish to do is to equip you with the right skills of communication which enable you to be more confident and be sure of yourself.