Call Center Training Program

The BPO industry in India is gaining momentum and promises to add millions of jobs in India where productive employment is scare.

There are many opportunities for well trained, English speaking candidates in BPO companies. Since BPO firms receive lot of delegated works from all over the world, candidates will get opportunities to grow to international standards.

In this course, you will get the knowledge and insights about the BPO industry and its functionality and also the pre-requisites an agent need to possess that can help you to excel and make a career in the industry.

We provide you with complete training module to develop English communication skills to enter the international call center industry.

In order to speak with customers across the globe, and answer queries satisfactorily call center agents need to be clear, prompt and precise with their responses, and speak English correctly, pleasantly and intelligibly.

This course provides an easy-to-follow, step - by - step program in building English-speaking skills, Accent, personality and Interview skills.

We also have tie-ups with leading call center and can help you getting job in the call centers after your successful completion of the course.


Let Us Talk offers highly interactive contact center training for customer care professionals.

Our courses focus on such critical areas as improving service levels, increasing employee engagement, optimizing operations, and raising the overall value of the center and consequently, the overall value of your organization.