From Directors Desk

To strive for excellence in the education, research and technology and to enable our students to become responsible citizens of the Country is our motive. It is a truism that destiny of our nation is shaped in the class rooms of educational institutions. With this dream in mind, we sowed a seed in the fertile soil of the luscious landscape of Let Us Communicate Pvt. Ltd.

We are happy to learn that within a few years the seed has not only sprouted but has also grown into a fully blossomed and healthy tree.

We always strive to impart excellent quality education in the fields of language Speaking & personality development. The constant endeavor of our team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers, supported by equally impressive infrastructure has considerably helped our students in the acquisition and development of appreciable competency.

We at Let Us Communicate Pvt. Ltd. are aware of our responsibility and are committed to provide the best of infrastructure and teaching learning environment, so that the students and professionals who pass out from this institute possess the desired skills and competencies to face the challenges of corporate world and contribute significantly to the welfare of the Society.

Our mission is not just providing a solid educational foundation but to build their careers, to make them eminent personalities in the society and to make the industry doors open to them. We always believe in making a difference in the field of education to take our institute to the peak of success.

- Mr .Zaki Noorani
Managing Director

Why Choose Us


Let Us Communicate Pvt. Ltd is a group of people who had realized the dream of India shining long before it appeared as a reality.


We offer English Communication Trainings, Call Center Training and Entrepreneurship Development Training and also specialize in conducting customized corporate training programs.


Today this organization not only boasts of being among the pioneers of the English language courses but also has helped many students gain command over the language, and playing a pivotal role in the establishment of various Institutions.


We shall not profess that the course will turn you overnight into a famous speaker or a best- selling novelist! What we wish to do is to equip you with the right skills of communication which enable you to be more confident and be sure of yourself.