English For Business Communication

Does the other person understand what you want to say?

Communication can be defined as the process by which people share ideas, experience, knowledge and feelings through the transmission of symbolic messages. Effective communication is imperative in the business world. However the communication style differs while dealing with different types of people. The manner in which we address our boss is totally different than the way we talk to our colleagues. Effective communication skills is about understanding the right style of communication in business environment and also about overcoming the barriers in communication. This module elucidates the usage of non verbal communication like body language, facial expressions, etc. And also explains the importance of being an effective listener.

Course Content
  • Grammar
    Vocabulary Building
    Implementation Of Grammer
    Correct - Incorrect Sentences
  • Scope Of Communication
    Need & evaluation Of Communication
    Objective & Process Of communication
    Methods & Type Of Communication
  • Effective Of Communication
    Factor Effecting Communication
    Non-Verbal Communication
    Understanding Business Communication
  • Listening & Telephonic Skills
    Telephonic Communication
    Process and Type Of Listening
    Importence Of Listening Skills In Business
  • Written & Mass Communication
    Drafting E-Mails
    Essential and Forms Of Business Letter
    Public Relations & Directing Marketing
  • Career Seeking Communication & Personality Traits
    Group Discussion
    Conducting Interviews
    Attitude Management