Kids Courses

We are committed to providing primary and secondary learners (8-15 years) with a structured English language learning pathway that will support your child in the process of reaching his or her full potential in a stimulating and safe environment.

On our young learner courses we use innovative methods to encourage learners to speak as much English as possible and ensure that language learning is a fun and educational experience.

Through the core syllabus, we encourage children to share their opinions, critically analyze the world around them and improve their language ability. Learning continues outside the classroom with regularly set homework and tips and advice for independent self-study.

Our Teaching Methodology
  • PowerPoint Lessons / Video Tutorials

    For computer-assisted teaching and learning with interactive whiteboards, you have got our PPT lessons & Video Tutorials. These lessons on powerpoint and video will serve the experienced and inexperienced teachers well. They are designed to teach Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Patterns and Reading, with little stress. Our visually appealing PPTs/Videos help to vividly present the language and also optimize memory of new language. The lessons are accompanied by a printable lesson plan

  • Interactive Fun Games & Exercises

    Every lesson comes with interactive games and exercises for further practice of the language presented in the video tutorials. These exercises are carefully designed to appeal to all learning types - Audio, Visual & Kinesthetic Learners especially. For classroom teaching we have provided lots of games in the supplementary materials area.

  • Printable Worksheets

    There are over 600 high quality printable PDF to print for use in your lessons. Print and take to class for use with the lessons. There are Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, Board Games,Quizzes, Card Games, Text Mazes and more for reading, vocabulary, grammar and the teaching of key English Expressions.

  • Printable Flashcards

    Every unit comes with a set of flashcards to go with it. The flashcards are in PDF format and are delivered in small and large sizes. The flashcards go hand in hand with the topics .